Upper Extremity

Airplane Splint

The airplane splint is a padded aluminum and Velcro shoulder orthosis used to position the shoulder in varying degrees of abduction (out to the side).


Brachial plexus injuries, pre/post-operative shoulder management, contracture prevention, Erb’s Palsy, post-muscle release/tendon transfer of shoulder, and burn management in the axillary region.

Humeral Fracture Orthosis

The humeral fracture orthosis is a plastic orthosis with Velcro closures that encompasses the humerus (upper arm bone) to support the bone with hydrostatic pressure.


Distal and mid-shaft diaphyseal humeral fractures.

Maintains complete shoulder range of motion.

Shoulder Stabilizer

The shoulder stabilizer is made of elastic or neoprene and Velcro. It is designed to accommodate natural motion while assisting, restricting, or stabilizing the shoulder joint depending on the need of the patient.


Glenohumeral joint instability, rotator cuff deficiencies, or recurrent subluxation/dislocation of the joint.

Tenodesis Splint

The tenodesis splint is a functional aid for the quadriplegic patient who has use of the extensor carpi radialis (has wrist extension). This device gives the patient the potential to grasp or hold objects through reciprocal wrist extension and finger flexion.


Patient is able to use their extensor carpi radialis longus (C6-7 quadriplegic).