Why Choose Us?

The ASPIRE Difference

Our mission is to enhance our patients quality of life by improving mobility and function through technology, patient education, and health management.  To achieve this mission, we take the following approach:

Individualized Care

We are the provider of choice in the communities we serve because of our individualized care approach. Humans have unique genetic makeup and varying environments that help shape our lifestyles. Therefore our medical needs should be customized.  At Aspire, we are fully dedicated to providing patient-centric care that is conducive to living a much quality lifestyle. We don’t provide standardized treatment plan for all condition types. Rather, we assess for individual needs taking into account your social environment and formulate a Prosthetic and/or Orthotics treatment plan that is specific for them. Simply put, a one size does NOT fit all in our care model. Each prosthesis and/or orthosis is fitted to you. We spend ample amount of time to consult, evaluate, and educate you on proper use of the device.

Education & Training   

We provide pre-amputation consultation to our patients to help them prepare for amputation. We understand this is a stressful and emotional time in our patients’ life so we want to make the process as comfortable and easy as we can. After a successful surgery, our goal to help patients Embrace Possibilities by getting them up and walking and returning to the life they once knew.  During the first week of receiving a device from us, before starting Physical or Occupational Therapy, we collaborate with patients’ therapists to train. Our goal is to provide patients great training regimen, education, and support for a positive outcome.  

Timely Delivery

We believe in one philosophy- “Delayed Care is Bad Care.”  We aim to improve healthcare access. It is our desire to see you get the care you need when you need it. We work to accommodate your needs. If you aren’t able to come to our office due to mobility issues, we will arrange for our practitioners to come to you. We strive to respect your appointment time and not let you waste a lot of time sitting in our waiting area. After evaluation and fit for devices, we deliver the devices on scheduled time. It is our goal to exceed your expectation on turn around time for device delivery. As a company, we have carefully adapted patient management and inventory software as well as formed strategic partners that fit our company’s culture and align with our values.  The software (our information flow) supports our work flow to allow us to make deliveries on time and to also ensure we don’t overbook patients during scheduling.