Foot Orthotics

foot-measurement-for-orthoticsLongitudinal Arch Supports

Longitudinal arch supports are custom foot orthoses that redistribute the patient’s weight to provide comfort and protection of the foot. The materials used to fabricate the arch supports may vary from patient to patient.


Spine/hip/knee/leg/ankle/foot pain, patellar dislocation/maltracking, patellar tendonitis, bunions, hammer toes, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, pes planus/cavus, talipes valgus/varus, shin splints, leg-length discrepancy, and tone/spasticity.

UCBL Foot Support

The UCBL foot support is a custom made plastic orthosis. It cups the heel and forefoot and is designed to control hindfoot and/or forefoot abnormalities.


Flexible pes planus, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, subtalar joint instability, and instability of the forefoot/hindfoot.